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Canola Oil

MOI Canola Oil is rich in monounsaturates, has very low saturated fat levels and is ideal for bakery purposes, salad dressing and shallow or wok frying.

Packaging: 15lt bag in box, 20lt jerrycan, 1029lt pallecon


MOI Blended Vegetable Oil is high in poly unsaturates & is ideal for bakery purposes, salad dressing, shallow or wok frying.
Great oil for the budget conscious.

Packaging: 15lt bag in box, 20lt jerrycan

Sunflower Oil

MOI Sunflower Oil is premium quality, high in polyunsaturates.
It is ideal for making salad dressings, shallow and wok frying.

Packaging: 15lt bag in box, 1026lt pallecon

Corn Oil

Very popular in middle eastern cooking, MOI Corn oil is high in polyunsaturates and ideal for shallow frying.

Packaging: 20lt square tin

Rice Bran Oil

MOI's Rice Bran Oil has a high smoke point and extra wide lid for easy pouring to further enhance usability.

Packaging: 20lt jerrycan


Hi Oleic Sunflow Oil has the longest life and is the most premium vegetable oil currently available in the market.

A premium monounsaturated high-oleic sunflower oil that offers longer life due to high resistance to oxidation.

Packaging: 20lt jerrycan, 1035lt pallecon

Dovide 15
Dovide 32
Dovide 40
Dovide 68

Packaging: 20lt and 1000 lt IBC

ISO 15
ISO 32
ISO 68 

Packaging: 20lt, 203 lt and 1000 lt IBC